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Housekeeping Amendments to Various Regulations
Updating references to the Goods and Services Tax
Comments Due Date:  April 23, 2011
Amendments to Ontario Regulation 153/04, Brownfields Records of Site Condition  (source: Environmental Registry)
The purpose of this posting is to inform the public and stakeholders about proposed regulatory amendments to the Brownfields regulation, Ontario Regulation 153/04
Comments Due Date:  April 11, 2011
Guideline A-1: Combustion, Air Pollution Control and Monitoring Requirements for Biomedical Waste Incinerators  (source: Environmental Registry)
Guideline A-1 sets out air emission limits and operational requirements for biomedical waste incinerators.
Comments Due Date:  April 4, 2011
Update to Integrated Power System Plan Development Requirements: Proposed Amendment to O. Reg. 424/04 (Integrated Power System Plan)
Regulatory Amendment
Comments Due Date:  April 3, 2011