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Raw Leaf Tobacco Oversight in Ontario
The Ministry of Finance seeks comments on a draft regulation under the Tobacco Tax Act to support the Ministry of Finance's oversight of raw leaf tobacco in Ontario.
Comments Due Date:  October 31, 2014
Updating the Schedule of Noxious Weeds in R.R.O. 1990, Regulation 1096 - General made under the Weed Control Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. W.5  (source: Environmental Registry)
The Weed Control Act and Regulation 1096 prohibit listed noxious weeds from being grown where they have the potential to negatively affect agricultural land. The list in the regulation's Schedule of Noxious Weeds is outdated. Proposed revisions include the removal of nine weeds that are no longer considered to be significant threats to agriculture or horticulture in Ontario and the addition of nine new weeds that are considered emerging threats to the agriculture industry within Ontario.
Comments Due Date:  October 29, 2014
Promoting Fairness in Debt Settlement Services Draft Regulation
Draft regulation with proposed rules for debt settlement service providers.
Comments Due Date:  October 28, 2014
Real Estate Regulations - Increasing Transparency in Multiple Offer Transactions
The Ministry of Government and Consumer Services is seeking public input on the text of regulations related to statutory amendments that would increase transparency in real estate transactions, particularly where there are multiple offers on a property.
Comments Due Date:  October 24, 2014
Independent Forest Audit Modernization: Key Policy Proposals  (source: Environmental Registry)
To give notice of and invite comments on the Independent Forest Audit policy proposals set out above.
Comments Due Date:  October 14, 2014