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Delegate MMA Subdivision Files

Regulation Number(s):
Bill or Act:
Planning Act
Summary of Proposal:
The Ministry of Municipal Affairs is proposing a regulation under the Planning Act in order to delegate MMA subdivision file Nos. 57-T-94001, 54-T-89003, 54-T-86001 and 49-T-95001 and MMA condominium file No. 49-CD-95001 to the municipalities in which these files are located.

The applications to which these files relate were all received by MMA at a time when the Planning Act did not contain lapsing provisions. All the applications have been approved; however final approval is pending clearance of conditions. Due to the age of the files, they cannot be delegated without first receiving a request from the appropriate municipality. The four municipalities impacted all have been recently prescribed as the approval authority for plans of subdivision and condominium.

Details on the files and the respective municipalities are included in the following table:

Delegate MMA Subdivision Files
File NumberDate File ReceivedMunicipalityDate Municipality Became Approval AuthorityFile Description
49-T-95001March 24, 1995Municipality of CallanderJanuary 1, 201460 multiple dwelling units (part of larger development; 192 singles and 30 townhouses already approved)
49-CD-95001 49-CD-95001 March 27, 1995Municipality of CallanderJanuary 1, 201434 unit and 3 block plan of condominium
57-T-94001March 30, 1994Municipality of Huron ShoresJanuary 1, 201421 seasonal residential lots, 1 block for open space/parkland
54-T-89003August 18, 1989Town of Kirkland LakeFebruary 1, 20179 residential lots and associated parkland
54-T-86001July 11, 1986Township of MatachewanFebruary 1, 201761 residential lots, 1 walkway, 4 streets

It is proposed that the identified municipalities would be delegated these subdivision and condominium files on April 1, 2018, pending receipt of a request from the municipality.

Purpose of Regulations:
The Province is committed to a sound, efficient and effective planning system that enhances local autonomy and streamlines decision-making on planning applications. The four municipalities impacted all have been recently prescribed as the approval authority for plans of subdivision and condominium.

Other Information:
This initiative reinforces MMA's commitment to ensuring that decisions are made at the local level by municipalities that have up-to-date official plans consistent with the Provincial Policy Statement (PPS) 2014.
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January 19, 2018
Comments Due Date:
March 5, 2018
Contact Address:
Wendy Kaufman
Manager, Community Planning and Development
Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Ministry of Housing
Municipal Services Office - North (Sudbury)
159 Cedar Street
Suite 401
Sudbury, Ontario
P3E 6A5
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