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Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario

New Quality Assurance Regulation under the Dentisry Act, 1991
Effective Date:  February 26, 2010

Regulations under the Capital Investment Plan Act, 1993

French versions of two regulations
Effective Date:  February 26, 2010

Minimum Maintence Standards Regulation (MMS)

The Minimum Maintenance Standards (MMS) Regulation came into effect in 2002 and as required by the regulation was reviewed and updated, coming into force in January 2010.
Effective Date:  February 18, 2010

Amendment to R.R.O. 1990 Regulation 753 (Grades, Standards, Designations Packing and Marking) under the Milk Act to change the classes of milk in Ontario to be consistent with the national classification system.

The amendment to Regulation 753 ensures that milk used in recipes for “flavoured milk” or “flavoured cream” is classified so that it is consistent with the Canadian Harmonized Milk Classification System.
Effective Date:  February 1, 2010

Spent Regulations Revoked

Various spent regulations have been revoked
Effective Date:  February 10, 2010

Proposal to Amend Ontario Regulation 419/05: Air Polution - Local Air Quality Under the Environmental Protection Act to Include An Ontario Air Standard for Acrolein  (source: Environmental Registry)

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE) has identified the need to develop and/or update air quality standards for priority contaminants. The MOE is proposing to amend O.Reg 419/05, made under the Environmental Protection Act, to introduce an updated standard for Acrolein.
Effective Date:  February 1, 2010

Removing Local Barriers to Renewable Energy Installations: Proposed Regulation  (source: Environmental Registry)

The proposed regulation would designate specified renewable energy installations that will be exempt from local legal barriers that prevent or restrict their use.
Effective Date:  February 9, 2010