Approved Regulatory Proposals

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Proposed Regulation for Municipal Small Business Programs under section 108 of the Municipal Act, 2001 as amended

Accordingly, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs is proposing a new regulation outlining rules for municipalities proposing to put in place municipal small business programs under section 108 of the Municipal Act, 2001, as amended.
Effective Date:  December 21, 2017

Proposed amendments to R.R.O. 1990, Regulation 440 (Vegetables for Processing - Marketing) under the Farm Products Marketing Act.

Following the completion of consultations and an economic analysis, the Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission is proposing amendments to Regulation 440. The changes promote growth, innovation and jobs in the processing vegetable industry by creating opportunities for growers and processors to work together for the benefit of the entire value chain.
Effective Date:  December 21, 2017

Proposed Amendments to O.Reg. 107/96 (Controlled Acts)

Proposed amendments to O.Reg. 107/96 (Controlled Acts) regarding the controlled act of psychotherapy
Effective Date:  December 30, 2017

Amendments to Regulations made under the Health Protection and Promotion Act

Proposed regulatory amendments would modernize requirements and respond to new evidence and practices to ensure public health programs and services remain current to protect the health of Ontarians.
Effective Date:  December 15, 2017

Amendments to Regulation (Reg.) 552 (General) under the Health Insurance Act (HIA) and the Schedule of Benefits for Laboratory Services (SOB-LS) under Regulation 552 of the HIA

In alignment with the ministry's Patients First Action Plan for Health Care, the Community Laboratory Modernization Strategy (Strategy) supports the goals of better value, ensures the sustainability of Ontario's health care system and improves quality and access. The proposed amendments to Reg. 552 (General) are consequential regulatory amendments to the HIA and align with the ministry's objective under the Strategy to achieve better value for money by implementing a new funding model.
Effective Date:  December 15, 2017

Consultation on role of Ontario Municipal Board in Ontario's land use planning system  (source: Environmental Registry)

Through this review, the government seeks ways to build on past improvements and to ensure the OMB can contribute within the land use planning system to its best effect.
Effective Date:  December 13, 2017