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Regulatory Amendments to Extend Certain Timelines for Ontario's Cultural Media Tax Credits Due to COVID-19

The regulatory amendments extend certain timelines for the Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit and Ontario Production Services Tax Credit. The amendments also update certain regulatory provisions for the Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit as a consequence of amendments made to the Taxation Act, 2007.
Effective Date:  February 12, 2021

Amendments to Regulation 402 (Chickens - Marketing) under the Farm Products Marketing Act.

The Chicken Farmers of Ontario (CFO) and the Association of Ontario Chicken Processors (AOCP) have requested that the Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission (Commission) amend the cost of production formula under Regulation 402 (Chickens - Marketing), which provides for the control and regulation of the producing and marketing of chickens in Ontario.
Effective Date:  February 5, 2021