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Consequential Regulatory Amendments to Change the Title of "case management master" to "associate judge".

On April 19, 2021, the Legislature passed amendments to the Courts of Justice Act and other statutes to change the title of a "case management master" to that of an "associate judge" as part of Bill 245, Accelerating Access to Justice Act. As a result of these statutory amendments, consequential regulatory changes have also been made to replace all instances of "case management master" with the new title of "associate judge".
Effective Date:  September 1, 2021

Amendment to Reg. 194 under the Courts of Justice Act (Rules of Civil Procedure)

Amendments to Reg. 194 under the Courts of Justice Act (Rules of Civil Procedure) to revise the process for fixing the method of attendance for out-of-court steps in a proceeding.
Effective Date:  September 1, 2021

O. Reg. 303/18 (Forms) under the Construction Act

Minor amendments to the forms under the Construction Act
Effective Date:  September 1, 2021

Animal Shelter Ownership Authority under the Provincial Animal Welfare Services Act, 2019

The Ministry of the Solicitor General (SolGen) is proposing to modify the list of prescribed organizations in O. Reg. 447/19 that can assume ownership of animals where the owner or custodian of the animal is not identified or has not claimed the animal. This is to provide these animal sheltering organizations and the public with clarity and consistency in who can take ownership of found, abandoned or unclaimed animals.
Effective Date:  September 8, 2021

Regulatory proposal for province-wide implementation of Green Button  (source: Environmental Registry)

The government is considering proposing a regulation to require electricity and natural gas distributors to implement Green Button Download My Data (DMD) and Connect My Data (CMD).
Effective Date:  September 2, 2021