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Halton Hills Hydro Inc.  (source: Environmental Registry)

Halton Hills Hydro Inc. (HHHI) is in the initial stages of developing a new transformer station, which it indicates will be required to serve growing demand in its service area.
Comments Due Date:  June 24, 2013

Amendment to the Crown Land Use Policy Atlas in order to facilitate a land exchange that will resolve an unauthorized occupation within the Louck Lake Wetland Conservation Reserve (C73) - Amendment #2012-010  (source: Environmental Registry)

To give notice and invite comment on the proposed change in land use designation for conservation reserve and patent land.
Comments Due Date:  June 13, 2013

Proposed Amendment to Regulation 892: Electronic Delivery of Tarion's Homeowner Information Package (HIP)

The proposal is to allow delivery of the HIP by providing a link to the HIP document on Tarion's website.
Comments Due Date:  June 2, 2013