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Consultation on Disposition of Surplus School Property

The Ministry of Education is seeking feedback on proposed changes to Ontario Regulation 444/98, Disposition of Surplus Real Property. This regulation outlines the process that school boards must follow when seeking to sell or lease surplus school properties.
Comments Due Date:  December 29, 2015

Expanding the role of the Death Investigation Oversight Council: Proposed Amendments to Regulation 180 under the Coroners Act

Proposed amendments to Regulation 180 under the Coroners Act to allow for the Death Investigation Oversight Council (DIOC) to provide advice and make recommendations to the Chief Coroner with respect to whether a discretionary inquest is called. DIOC is an independent advisory council providing oversight on death investigation services in Ontario.
Comments Due Date:  December 24, 2015

A Blueprint for Change: A Proposal to modernize and strengthen the Aggregate Resources Act policy framework  (source: Environmental Registry)

The purpose of this posting is to seek feedback on proposed changes to the Aggregate Resources Act policy framework which oversees the operation of pits and quarries in the province.
Comments Due Date:  December 15, 2015

Collection of Identifying Information in Certain Circumstances - Prohibition and Duties

The province is seeking input on draft regulations that would prohibit random and arbitrary stops by police, known as carding or street checks. The regulations would establish new rules for police-public interactions that would ensure that they are consistent, conducted without bias or discrimination, and done in a manner that promotes public confidence and keeps our communities safe.
Comments Due Date:  December 12, 2015

Proprietary information of a commercial nature relating to property assessment

A new regulation will be filed under section 53 of the Assessment Act to expand protection of commercial proprietary information.
Comments Due Date:  December 10, 2015

Industry Proposed Changes to the Regulation that Sets the Fees Payable to the Livestock Financial Protection Board under the Ontario Beef Cattle Financial Protection Program

At the request of the Livestock Financial Protection Board, the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) is proposing amendments to Ontario Regulation 321/11 (O. Reg. 321/11), which sets out the fees payable to the Livestock Financial Protection Board, raising the fee from five cents per head to ten cents per head.
Comments Due Date:  December 7, 2015

Amendments for Reflected Light from Environmental Compliance Approval Requirements  (source: Environmental Registry)

Exempt reflective surfaces of buildings, like windows, from having to obtain an Environmental Compliance Approval
Comments Due Date:  December 4, 2015