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2016 amendments to regulations under the Environmental Bill of Rights, 1993  (source: Environmental Registry)

The Environmental Bill of Rights, 1993 (EBR) provides a number of opportunities for the public to influence and be involved with the government's decision making process when it comes to protecting the environment. The application of the EBR is determined by two regulations Ontario Regulation 73/94 (General) Determines which ministries and Acts are subject to various aspects of the EBR Ontario Regulation 681/94 (Instrument Classification) Determines which instruments (such as
Comments Due Date:  November 28, 2016

Proposed Amendments to O. Reg. 579/05 under the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act, 2002

Proposed changes to the insurance requirements for real estate professionals (salespersons, brokers and brokerages)
Comments Due Date:  November 23, 2016

Proposed Housekeeping and Accessibility Amendments to Regulation 1015 under the Securities Act

Proposed housekeeping and accessibility amendments to Regulation 1015 under the Securities Act that would: update provisions relating to over-the-counter trading and electronic filing; make other housekeeping changes; and allow relevant forms to be made available in an accessible document format.
Comments Due Date:  November 21, 2016

Class D - Revised Licencing Requirements

The Ministry of Transportation is proposing to amend regulatory licence renewal requirements for Class D drivers
Comments Due Date:  November 17, 2016

Proposed amendments to O. Reg. 442/01 (Rural or Remote Electricity Rate Protection made under the Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998 (OEBA) and to O. Reg. 429/04 (Adjustments Under Section 25.33 of the Act) made under the Electricity Act, 1998 and proposed regulations under the Ontario Rebate for Electricity Consumers Act, 2016, if passed, and other consequential regulatory amendments.

ENERGY introduced proposed legislation to put in place an 8% rebate on electricity bills for eligible customers. Creation of regulations under Ontario Rebate for Electricity Consumers, Act, 2016 (Bill 13), if passed, would establish regulatory mechanisms to support the delivery of the 8% rebate. The government also committed to build on existing programs to provide further rate relief for eligible low-density rural customers and to expand Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI) eligibility.
Comments Due Date:  November 12, 2016

Review of Environmental Bill of Rights - A Provincial Dialogue  (source: Environmental Registry)

The purpose of this notice is to inform the public of the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change's review of components of the Environmental Bill of Rights and to seek public feedback.
Comments Due Date:  November 8, 2016

Revocation of Ontario Regulation 153/99 - Ontario Power Generation Inc.  (source: Environmental Registry)

The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) proposes revoke Ontario Regulation 153/99 - Ontario Power Generation (O. Reg. 153/99) under the Environmental Protection Act. O. Reg. 153/99 sets sulphur dioxide (SO2) and total nitrogen oxides (NOx) emission limits on Ontario Power Generation (OPG) facilities in the aggregate. The Regulation is no longer needed in view of OPG having substantially reduced its SO2 and NOx emissions as a result of Ontario's phase-out of coal.
Comments Due Date:  November 6, 2016