User Tips

The Regulatory Registry is designed to allow users to browse a list of summaries of currently proposed regulatory instruments, search for regulatory proposals or review recently approved regulatory instruments that may affect the business community. Regulatory instruments include regulations, legislation, policies, and forms.

Current Proposals:

This page provides an up-to-date list of all currently proposed regulatory instruments in the database that are available for comment.

A brief description follows the title of the proposed regulatory instrument.

Clicking on the title will reveal a summary of the proposed regulatory instrument and provide a link to a comments page that allows users to send comments to the Ministry associated with the proposal.

Information on the proposed regulatory instrument includes the posting date and comment due date.

Past Proposals:

This page provides a list of proposed regulatory instruments that are no longer available for comment and the current status of each proposal.

Search Proposals:

Users may search the database for proposals using: A text search by title only; by all content; by when the comments are due (e.g., today, this week); and by whether the item is still open or closed for comments.

Clicking the Advanced Search link (to the left of the text entry box) will allow users to search by key words or a number of other options.

Approved Regulatory Instruments:

This page provides a list of regulatory instruments that have been approved. A brief summary is provided as well as the effective date of the approved regulatory instrument and, if applicable, a link to the exact location in the government of Ontario's e-laws website where the new regulation has been posted.

Environmental Registry:

Some regulatory proposals containing significant environmental implications are required to be posted to the government's Environmental Registry. The Regulatory Registry will provide a link to the Environmental Registry for those specific proposals.