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Speed Limiters

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Regulation - LGIC
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Bill 41, Highway Traffic Amendment Act (Speed-limiting Systems), 2008
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July 17, 2008
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While heavy truck safety in Ontario has improved over the past decade, there is a perception among many motorists that excessive speeding and poor driver behaviour are an ongoing problem. Excessive speeding is believed to increase the risk and severity of collisions involving large trucks. Higher fuel and maintenance costs and increased environmental emissions are also linked to excessive speeding.

Proposed requirements

On June 18, 2008, Bill 41 (Speed Limiters) received Royal Assent. This legislation requires that all commercial motor vehicles have and use a speed limiter. In support of this legislation, MTO is proposing a regulation to require:

* Trucks manufactured after 1995, with a manufacturer's gross weight rating of 11,794 kg or more and equipped with an electronic controlled engine must have and use the speed limiter set to no more than 105 km/h.

* A "speed limiting system" is a system that includes all aspects of a commercial motor vehicle's computer system or systems, computer programs, components, equipment and connections that are capable of playing a role in preventing a driver from increasing the speed of a commercial motor vehicle beyond a specified value.

* A speed limiting system is functioning properly if it prevents a driver from accelerating to, or maintaining a speed greater than 105 km/h on level ground.

* A truck charged with a speeding offence (for example 110 km/h in a posted 100 km/h zone) will be deemed not to have a functioning speed limiter.

* Buses, mobile cranes, motor homes, and emergency vehicles will be exempt from the speed limiter requirement.

* Where the commercial motor vehicle's electronic control module refers to any component of the vehicle, the information shall be accurately reflected (i.e., tire size, rear axle ratio, etc.)

* Any device or action by the driver or operator is prohibited if it causes inaccurate information to be sent to the truck's electronic control module, regarding vehicle speed and engine revolutions per minute data.

* If a commercial motor vehicle does not have a manufacturer's compliance label, or if the label is illegible, the driver of the vehicle must carry a document from the vehicle manufacturer stating the vehicle identification number, year of manufacture, and manufacturer's gross vehicle weight rating.

Note: Trucks with mechanical engines will be exempt from speed limiter requirements.
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January 1, 2009