Regulation - LGIC

Draft Proposed Amendments to Funding Rules: Contribution holidays / Actuarial gains / Benefit improvements

Regulation Number(s):
Instrument Type:
Regulation - LGIC
Bill or Act:
Pension Benefits Act
Summary of Proposal:
The government plans to enact changes to strengthen the funding rules for contribution holidays and benefit improvements. The proposed regulation is consistent with the August 24th, 2010, announcement that detailed the steps that Ontario would take to strengthen the pension system.

Since the 2010 announcement, the economic conditions under which pension plans operate have changed. The government is interested in understanding whether the proposed regulations provide sufficient security for pen
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Posting Date:
April 21, 2015
Comments Due Date:
June 12, 2015
Contact Address:
Pension Policy Branch
Ministry of Finance
5th Floor, Frost Bldg S.
7 Queen's Park Crescent
Toronto, ON M7A 1Y7