Regulation - LGIC

Driver's Licence Cancellation for Failure to Pay Demerit Point Interview Fee

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Regulation - LGIC
Bill or Act:
Highway Traffic Act
Summary of Proposal:
The Ministry is planning to introduce a new $50.00 DPI fee that is expected to recover the cost of administering demerit point interviews (DPI). Under Section 56 of the Highway Traffic Act, the Minister of Transportation may set a fee for Demerit Point Interviews.

In order to enforce payment of this administrative fee, the Ministry is proposing an amendment to Ontario Regulation 339/94, made under the Highway Traffic Act, which would enable the cancellation of drivers' licences for failing to pay the Demerit Point Interview fee.

The initiative is consistent with the ministry's current practice of cancelling drivers' licences in cases where a fee has not been paid. For example, the ministry will cancel a driver's licence when:

• A cheque for licence fees paid to MTO is not honoured by the driver's bank; i.e. non-sufficient funds or

• When a driver fails to pay the reinstatement fee as a condition of reinstatement from certain suspensions.
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September 29, 2015
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November 9, 2015
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Driver Improvement Office
1201 Wilson Ave, Building A
Downsview, ON M3M 3E6