Planning Ontario's Energy Future: A Discussion Guide to Start the Conversation

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The LTEP is a road map that would, if approved, set out the direction for Ontario's energy future for the next 20 years. The Ministry last updated the LTEP in 2013 and expects to release the next LTEP in 2017.

The Ministry of Energy is undertaking a formal review of Ontario's LTEP. The review will follow the process outlined in recent changes to the Electricity Act, 1998 that requires the Minister to consult with any consumers, distributors, generators, transmitters and other stakeholders before issuing an LTEP.

The LTEP Discussion Guide, Planning Ontario's Energy Future, provides information on the current status of Ontario's energy system, and identifies questions for consideration.

As part of the consultation and engagement process the Ministry is holding information sessions across the province in the fall of 2016.
General Consultation Schedule:

• October 24 & 25, Toronto
• October 27, Sudbury
• November 1, Barrie & Kenora
• November 2, Thunder Bay
• November 3, Peterborough
• November 15, Sault St. Marie
• November 16, Timmins
• November 17, St. Catharines
• November 21, Guelph
• November 22, Pembroke
• November 23, Ottawa
• November 24, Kingston
• November 28, Windsor & Kitchener
• November 29, London
• November 30, Toronto

The Ministry of Energy will consider all submissions during its review of the LTEP. In addition to Environmental Registry submissions, consultations will include in-person sessions, telephone town-halls, and online tools. More information can be found at
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October 13, 2016
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December 16, 2016