Consultation Paper and Industry Survey to Support Regulations and Implementation for the Home Inspection Act, 2017

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Home Inspection Act, 2017
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The Putting Consumers First Act (Consumer Protection Statute Law Amendment), 2017 received Royal Assent on April 13, 2017. It enacted a new statute called the Home Inspection Act, 2017 (HIA). The HIA, which comes into force on a date (or dates) set by proclamation of the Lieutenant Governor, is not yet in force as regulations must be developed to support the implementation of this legislation. Once in force, the HIA and its proposed regulations will establish mandatory licensing in Ontario for home inspection providers and home inspectors, and is intended to be administered by an administrative authority.

The HIA reflects the recommendations made by a panel of consumer and industry experts in the 2013 report A Closer Look: Qualifying Ontario's Home Inspectors.

The ministry has developed a consultation paper and an industry survey for home inspectors to support the development of regulations and implementation of the HIA. Links to the paper and survey can be found in "Further Information" below.

The consultation paper topics include:

• The definition of a home inspection and consulting on the term "readily accessible".
• Which professions or occupations should be exempted from the application of the HIA and what activities should be excluded from home inspector licensing and requirements of the HIA.
• What are the core items to be included in a standard home inspection and written report.
• What should be included in a home inspection contract.
• What qualifications should be met by home inspectors in order to obtain a licence under the HIA.
• What qualifications should existing home inspectors be expected to meet to transition to licensing.
• How much and what sort of insurance should home inspectors be required to hold, if any.
• What should be included or excluded in a code of ethics for licensees.
• What types of disclosures should be made to clients.
• What should be considered when developing an administrative authority for the regulation of the home inspection industry.

The industry survey topics include:

• Home inspector locations, work status and number of years working as a home inspector;
• Type of business or employment;
• Number of home inspections, type and other services provided;
• Referrals;
• Education; and,
• Insurance.

We encourage you to provide feedback on the consultation paper. If you are a home inspector, home inspector provider or a representative of a home inspector organization, please additionally complete the industry survey. Any feedback received by the ministry will be considered during the development of regulations and the implementation of the HIA.

You may provide comments directly via the email link below or to the address provided in the consultation proposal.
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December 20, 2017
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February 16, 2018
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56 Wellesley St. W, 6th Floor
Toronto ON, M7A 1C1