Overtaking a Working Snow Plow

Regulation Number(s):
Instrument Type:
Bill or Act:
Highway Traffic Act
Summary of Proposal:
The legislative amendments to the Highway Traffic Act, if approved, would create an offence prohibiting the overtaking of snow plows in echelon formation on multi-lane highways with a posted speed limit of 80 km/h or higher unless a full lane is available to complete the manoeuvre safely.

The proposed amendments are intended to reduce unsafe passing manoeuvres and collisions occurring by motorists overtaking snow plows preforming winter maintenance activities on these roadways. Fewer collisions with snow plows will result in improved safety for snow plow operators and the travelling public, fewer snow plows being placed out of service and less impact on snow clearing activities on these highways.
Analysis of Regulatory Impact:
The proposed amendments impose no direct compliance costs on regulated entities (i.e., business, not for profit or the broader public sector). There is no upfront capital or ongoing operating costs with the introduction of this legislative amendment.
Further Information:
Proposal Number:
Posting Date:
April 3, 2023
Comments Due Date:
May 18, 2023
Contact Address:
Ministry of Transportation
Garden City Tower
301 St. Paul Street, Highway Management Operations Branch
St. Catharines, ON L2R 7R4