Proposed Regulation Amendments to Professional Development for Land Surveyors

Regulation Number(s):
Regulation 1026
Instrument Type:
Bill or Act:
Surveyors Act
Summary of Decision:
A decision was made to proceed with the proposal. The proposal was implemented by an amendment to O. Reg. 1026 by O. Reg. 327/12. This regulation was file by the Registrar of Regulations on November 1, 2012 and published in the Ontario Gazette on November 17, 2012.
Further Information:
Proposal Number:
Posting Date:
January 5, 2011
Summary of Proposal:
The code of ethics of the AOLS requires that members follow a program of continuing education and maintain a level of proficiency that meets the needs of the public. The proposed change will require members to submit a report with their annual membership renewal that outlines professional development activities achieved for that calendar year. The categories, criteria and minimum requirements shall be established by Council and ratified by the membership of the Association.

The Academic Experience and Requirements Committee (AERC) is a statutory committee established by S 9(1)(b) of the Surveyors Act. They evaluate the academics and experience of potential candidates for entry into articles and provide subsequent monitoring and testing for entry into the profession. Currently all potential candidates are required to article unless they are a professional land surveyor in good standing in another jurisdiction. The proposed change will provide the AERC with more flexibility to recognize work experience at an equivalent professional level when evaluating a candidate’s need to article.
Contact Address:
300 Water Street, P.O. Box 7000
Peterborough, Ontario
K9J 8M5
Royal Assent Date:
November 5, 2012