Discussion Paper: Developing a Modern Renewable Fuel Standard For Gasoline in Ontario

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To combat climate change, Ontario has committed to reduce greenhouse gases by 15% by 2020, 37% by 2030 and 80% by 2050, relative to the 1990 level. These goals are legislated in the new Climate Change Mitigation and Low-Carbon Economy Act.

To help achieve our targets and transition to a low carbon economy, Ontario's Climate Change Action Plan commits to implementing a Renewable Fuel Standard for gasoline, which would reduce greenhouse gas emissions from gasoline by 5% by 2020.

The proposed Renewable Fuel Standard for gasoline is a key initiative for the government to reduce greenhouse gases in the transportation sector, combatting climate change while driving innovation in renewable fuels.

For clarity, Ontario will not lower the level of existing renewable content required under its Ethanol in Gasoline regulation and existing requirements under its Greener Diesel regulation will remain unchanged and in effect.

As the first step in introducing a Renewable Fuel Standard for gasoline in Ontario, the province has issued a discussion paper.

Ontario is seeking comments on the design options under consideration for the proposed Renewable Fuel Standard for gasoline, as outlined in the discussion paper.

Input is being sought on various elements of the program design including targets and blending requirements, flexibility mechanisms, assessing lifecycle emissions, and transparency. Feedback will inform the development of a regulatory proposal for a Renewable Fuel Standard for gasoline
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January 11, 2017
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March 12, 2017