Regulation - LGIC

Establishment of Cedar Creek Provincial Park (Nature Reserve Class) (P4712)

Regulation Number(s):
Ontario Regulation 316/07
Instrument Type:
Regulation - LGIC
Bill or Act:
Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act
Summary of Proposal:
As part of a former partnership agreement between the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) and the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC), Ontario Parks and NCC worked together to secure significant natural areas for new protected areas. Cedar Creek is one property that was secured under this partnership. Cedar Creek is 70 ha in size and is located in southwestern Ontario, just northwest of the hamlet of Arner (near the intersection of Essex County Roads 20 and 23), approximately 15 km south of the Town of Essex, and eight km east of the community of Harrow, Essex County.

Cedar Creek will protect approximately 50 hectares of the provincially significant Cedar Creek Life Science Area of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSI). Cedar Creek is also recognized as a Carolinian Canada Signature Site due to its significance.

A landholding agreement between the NCC and MNR requires that the site be regulated as a provincial park or conservation reserve. MNR is proposing to designate Cedar Creek as a nature reserve class provincial park. MNR considers this to be the most appropriate designation for this significant area, as it provides the highest level of protection and lowest potential for negative impacts due to human activity. The proposed land use amendment will establish general policies respecting the short term management and protection of the site.

If the proposed land use amendment is approved, a subsequent regulation change will be made to Ontario Regulation 316/07 under the Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act (PPCRA) to regulate Cedar Creek as a provincial park (nature reserve class). No additional opportunity for public comment on the regulation will be provided.
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Posting Date:
September 25, 2012
Comments Due Date:
November 19, 2012