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Accelerating Growth in Hydrogen Energy Through Electricity Rate Options  (source: Environmental Registry)

As part of Ontario's Low-Carbon Hydrogen Strategy, the Ministry of Energy is considering several options that would provide reduced electricity rates for hydrogen producers to promote sustained growth in Ontario's low-carbon hydrogen economy. Three options are currently under consideration: 1) amending the rules for the Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI) applicable to hydrogen producers, 2) enabling onsite hydrogen production using electricity that would otherwise be curtailed, and 3) providing an interruptible electricity rate for hydrogen producers. Note: These options are not intended to be mutually exclusive and could be pursued in any combination.
Posting Date:  April 14, 2022
Open for Comments:  April 14, 2022 –  June 13, 2022

Regulations under the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 (RHPA) - Registration Barriers for Regulated Health Professionals

Regulations to implement amendments to the RHPA contained in Schedule 6 of Bill 106, Pandemic and Emergency Preparedness Act, 2022, should that Act be passed, by: 1. Defining Canadian work experience for the purpose of the legislation. 2. Prescribing acceptable language proficiency tests 3. Prescribe time limits for registration decisions. 4. Prescribing requirements for emergency class of certificates of registration.
Posting Date:  April 21, 2022
Open for Comments:  April 21, 2022 –  June 10, 2022