Regulation - LGIC

Halton Hills Hydro Inc.

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Regulation - LGIC
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Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998
Summary of Proposal:
HHHI identified a preferred option to connect the station to a transmission line owned by a generator that currently connects a gas fired generation facility to the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO)-controlled grid. HHHI estimates that use of this line to connect HHHI's planned transformer station to the grid is more efficient than other alternatives and would result in significant cost savings for HHHI electricity ratepayers. However, this configuration would normally require the generator who owns the transmission asset to become a licensed transmitter.

The Minister has, under the Ontario Energy Board Act, 1998 (OEBA) and with the approval of Cabinet, the ability to create exemption regulations. The applicable regulation, O.Reg. 161/99 (Definitions and Exemptions), already provides a range of exemptions from transmission licensing requirements in various circumstances.

O.Reg. 161/99 currently provides an exemption from the requirement to have a transmission licence and other related provisions of the OEBA to any generator who owns a transmission line and transmits electricity only for the purpose of conveying it into the IESO-controlled grid. The proposed amendment to O.Reg. 161/99 would extend the existing exemption of the generator after HHHI has connected its transformer station to the generator's transmission line.

The exemption would only be valid in regards to the transmission assets used to connect HHH to the generator's transmission line, and only if HHHI and the generator enter into a connection agreement that is submitted to and examined by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB). The OEB may review other relevant materials as well.

The purpose of the amendment to O.Reg. 161/99 is to allow for a more efficient connection solution for HHHI's new transformer station that would result in cost savings for HHHI electricity ratepayers when compared to other alternatives, while still providing for OEB oversight to protect the interests of HHHI consumers with respect to prices and the adequacy, reliability and quality of electricity service.
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May 10, 2013
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June 24, 2013