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Proposal to amend Ontario Regulation 157/10 (Public Bodies - Part III.1 of the Act) under the Ontario Heritage Act

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Regulation - LGIC
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Ontario Heritage Act
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Ontario Regulation 157/10 (Public Bodies - Part III.1 of the Act) is authorized under clause 70(1)(i) of the Ontario Heritage Act (OHA). The OHA is the legislative framework for cultural heritage conservation in the province. In April 2005, comprehensive changes to the Act were made. The 2005 amendments made provincially owned properties explicitly exempt from municipal and provincial designation. A new mechanism was provided to identify and protect these properties: the Minister of Culture was given the authority to develop standards and guidelines for the conservation of property of cultural heritage value that is owned or occupied and controlled by the Provincial Crown.

The Standards and Guidelines for Conservation of Provincial Heritage Properties (the Standards and Guidelines) ensure conservation of real property of cultural heritage value or interest and apply to all Ontario government ministries and to a select number of Ontario government agencies and corporations. The Standards and Guidelines (see attached documents) provide direction on the identification, protection, maintenance, use, and disposal of heritage properties owned or occupied by the Crown in Ontario. Regulation 157/10 names the Ontario Government agencies and corporations that are required to comply with the Standards and Guidelines.

Ontario Place Corporation is proposed to be added to the list to clarify that the heritage protection regime under Part III.1 of the OHA will apply to the lands under its control. The agency and the public would benefit from the amendment since it would:
(a) allow the agency to appropriately identify and manage any cultural heritage resources it may control in a manner consistent with the framework already established for provincial heritage properties; and
(b) bring clarity to the public about who is responsible for the identification and management of any cultural heritage resources associated with Ontario Place
The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport is also proposing to remove the Toronto Area Transit Operating Authority (TATOA) from the list of prescribed public bodies because its enabling legislation was repealed in 2011. The Ontario Government transferred TATOA's former responsibilities to Metrolinx, which is already listed as a prescribed public body.
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October 11, 2013
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November 25, 2013