Coordinated Policy Guidance for Waterpower Projects

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The proposed Coordinated Policy Guidance for Waterpower Projects has been developed by the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) and the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) to clarify roles and responsibilities. The proposed Guidance document provides clarification of Ministry specific roles and responsibilities for waterpower projects, in reviewing and issuing authorizations. This proposed policy guidance does not alter the powers or duties of either ministry in their administration of any Act or regulation.

Waterpower projects are subject to a number of different permits and approvals administered by MOE and MNR.

The Lakes and Rivers Improvement Act (LRIA) gives MNR the authority for issuing a Letter of Approval for Dam location and Plans and Specifications in support of waterpower development.

MOE's authority for environmental protection is authorized through either the proponent-led Class Environmental Assessment for Waterpower projects (Class EA) or through an Individual EA under the Environmental Assessment Act (EAA), and a Permit to Take Water (PTTW) under the Ontario Water Resources Act (OWRA).

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October 25, 2013
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December 2, 2013