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Amendment to O. Reg. 84/03 (Used Tires)

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Regulation - Minister
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Waste Diversion Act, 2002
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These regulatory amendments are financial/administrative in nature.
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Over the last twelve months, stakeholders have expressed concerns about the operation of the off-the-road portion of the Used Tires Program, its costs and the impact it has on business consumers and the broader marketplace.

The revisions Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) made to its tire classifications earlier this year, with the associated increase in fees that were charged to off-the-road tires stewards, caused concern to business stakeholders and consumers. This included concerns by tire dealers, off road vehicle/equipment manufacturers and dealers, and end-use consumers.

In response to these concerns, OTS committed to working with affected stakeholders to find ways to reduce the potential impacts, and made changes to its proposal that mitigated some of the concerns raised by agricultural stakeholders. However, the underlying issues that were raised last Spring remained unchanged.

To address the concerns, for 2014 the Minister of the Environment has amended O. Reg. 84/03 (Used Tires) to cap the cost attributable to a tire in a tire class under s. 8 of the regulation at 2013 rates or lower, and maintain the same tire classifications that were used in 2013.

The Minister of the Environment has also asked Waste Diversion Ontario to report back in September 2014 on the findings and recommendations of a multi-stakeholder program review of the Used Tires Program that focuses on the diversion of off-the-road tires.
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Waste Management Policy Branch
135 St Clair Avenue West
Floor 7
Toronto Ontario
M4V 1P5
Phone: (416) 325-4100
Effective Date:
November 29, 2013