Regulation - Minister

Amending O. Reg. 39/02 (Certificates of Authorization) made under the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 (RHPA)

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Amending O. Reg. 39/02
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Regulation - Minister
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The above mentioned regulation was filed on December 12, 2014. The regulation was filed as O. Reg. 264/14. The regulation was published on e-laws on December 12, 2014, and will be published in the Ontario Gazette on December 27, 2014.
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December 12, 2013
Summary of Proposal:
The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (ministry) made amendments to
O. Reg. 39/02 (Certificates of Authorization) under the RHPA which further refines the definition of "family member" for the purposes of determining who may own non-voting shares in certain health profession corporations.

The previous Certificates of Authorization Regulation required that, among other things, when applying for or renewing a certificate of authorization, certified copies of various documents and a sworn statutory declaration from a director of the corporation must be submitted to the College. The amendments simplify these requirements. The new regulation will be filed as O. Reg. 264/14.

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Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
12th Floor, 56 Wellesley Street West
Toronto ON M5S 2S3
Fax: 416-325-9827
Effective Date:
December 12, 2014