Regulation - Minister

Vintners Quality Alliance Act, 1999: Proposed Amendment - Icewine

Regulation Number(s):
O.Reg. 406/00
Instrument Type:
Regulation - Minister
Bill or Act:
Vintners Quality Alliance Act, 1999
Summary of Decision:
Further Information:
Proposal Number:
Posting Date:
January 10, 2014
Summary of Proposal:
Amend the statement in Table 2, Column 1, sub-heading "Icewine" to:

The residual sugar at bottling shall result exclusively from the natural sugar of the grapes and shall be not less than 100 g/L.
Contact Address:
Ministry of Consumer Services
Consumer Policy and Liaison Branch
Consumer and Business Policy Unit
777 Bay Street, 5th Floor
Toronto, ON M7A 2J3
Attention: Luisa Tmej, Team Lead

Fax: 416-326-8885
Effective Date:
March 14, 2014