Bill 66: Proposed Great Lakes Protection Act

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Bill 66: Proposed Great Lakes Protection Act
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The ministry is introducing a strengthened proposed Great Lakes Protection Act, 2015.

The proposed GLPA has been strengthened to reflect comments and new priorities:

- Ensure action to address stressors and issues like climate change, wetland protection, watershed protection, and nutrient and toxics reduction.

- Ensure the establishment and maintenance of monitoring and reporting programs to improve understanding and management of the Great Lakes.

- Increase reporting, transparency and accountability by requiring progress reports be tabled every three years in the Legislature and include reporting on performance measures, targets and ecological conditions within the Great Lakes basin.

- Enable Great Lakes targets, including setting a target within two years to support the reduction of algal blooms.

- Respond to comments on geographically focused initiatives to enable a collaborative response to pressing issues (e.g. harmful algal blooms) and that initiatives consider costs, benefits and existing policies, legislation and strategies.

- Require that if traditional ecological knowledge is offered by First Nations, it be considered in the decision-making process.

In strengthening the proposed Act, the Ministry considered:

- all comments received on the previous proposed Great Lakes Protection Act, 2012 proposal,
- all comments received on the proposed Great Lakes Protection Act, 2013,
- discussions with First Nations and Métis communities, municipalities, industries, environmental experts and other groups; and
- opportunities for input through the previous legislative process.

The proposed Act is enabling and would give new tools to take targeted action to improve water quality, and protect coastlines, beaches and wetlands, with the overall intent of helping to attain Great Lakes that are drinkable, swimmable, and fishable.
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February 18, 2015
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April 19, 2015