Long Term Affordable Housing Strategy Update Consultation

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Housing Services Act, 2011
Summary of Decision:
The government's update to the Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy reflects new research and best practices that support Ontario's transformation towards a better housing system.

Elements of the updated strategy include:
-proposed legislation for inclusionary zoning that would allow municipalities to mandate that affordable housing units be provided within development projects
-a framework for a portable housing benefit that would give people more flexibility to choose where they want to live
-a modernized framework for social housing that will be developed with partners to align with our focus on poverty reduction and better manage legacy social housing programs
-a Supportive Housing Policy Framework to guide program improvements and support coordination across sectors to improve client outcomes
-an Indigenous Housing Strategy that will be developed in partnership with Indigenous communities
-next steps toward ending homelessness, reflecting recommendations made by the Expert Advisory Panel on Homelessness report released in late 2015
-proposed changes to the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006 to encourage small landlords to provide rental housing, and to facilitate transitional and supportive housing
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April 21, 2015
Summary of Proposal:
The government envisions an Ontario where every person has an affordable, suitable, and adequate home. In 2010, the Province launched the Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy. The strategy began a process of transforming Ontario's housing system into one that is people-centred, partnership-based, locally driven, and fiscally responsible.

The government is updating the strategy to continue to make progress in meeting the housing needs of Ontarians and supporting social and economic inclusion. This update will ensure that housing policies are relevant to current realities, reflect new research and best practices, and support the Province's goal to end homelessness.

Since the introduction of the Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy, communities across Ontario have developed 10-year local housing and homelessness plans. These plans were developed as a requirement of the Housing Services Act, 2011 - new legislation introduced as a result of the 2010 strategy. Designed to address local needs and priorities, these plans are based on what was heard in a range of local consultations. These plans provide important local context that will inform the update of the strategy.

Building on this engagement, we continue to seek input from the public, our partners, and stakeholders - including those in the broader human services field - to learn more. Any comments that are outside the scope of this consultation initiative will be either shared with the ministries or agencies responsible or considered as part of other possible future initiatives.

A consultation guide has been posted on the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing website to focus discussions and collect feedback.

In addition to this posting, the Ministry has developed a Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy e-consultation web site at This web site provides information about the update and provides the public an opportunity to comment.

The government welcomes your input on this initiative. Comments can be provided electronically or by mail. The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing can be reached during regular business hours from 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday, at 416-585-6377, toll-free at 1-844-308-7296, and by TTY at 1-844-403-5903

Comments can be submitted electronically to: and via the Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy Update page:

To submit written comments, please forward your response to:

Housing Policy Branch
Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
777 Bay Street
14th Floor
Toronto Ontario
M5G 2E5
Contact Address:
Housing Policy Branch
Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
777 Bay Street
14th Floor
Toronto Ontario
M5G 2E5
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March 14, 2016