Regulation - LGIC

Amendment to Regulation 334 under the Environmental Assessment Act exempting undertakings of the Minister of Energy announced in the 2015 Budget

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Regulation 334
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Regulation - LGIC
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Environmental Assessment Act
Summary of Decision:
Given that the activities will not have a significant effect on the natural environment and, if implemented, would give effect to an element of the provincial budget notice of the proposal for the regulation was not posted on the Environmental (or Regulatory) Registry.

It should be noted that the amending regulation applies only to the activities of the Minister of Energy and does not affect the application of the Environmental Assessment Act, or any other environmental legislation to the activities and operations of Hydro One Inc., Hydro One Brampton Networks Inc. or any successor corporations

On April 23, 2015 the Minister of Finance presented the 2015 Ontario Budget to the Legislature. It was noted in the budget statement that the government had asked the Premier's Advisory Council on Government Assets to explore ways to maximize the value of some Provincial assets. The government identified some divestment activities as potential revenue generating tools that would enable reinvestment in critically needed public transit and infrastructure projects.

Some of these divestment activities include:

- the initial public offering of the shares of Hydro One Inc.; and
- divestment of Hydro One Brampton Networks Inc.

The Minister of Energy is subject to the Environmental Assessment Act (EAA). Divestment activities by the Minister of Energy are considered undertakings as defined in the EAA. However, given that the divestment initiatives identified above would not have a significant environmental impact, they do not warrant an individual environmental assessment.

As such, Reg. 334 (General) under the EAA was amended to exempt the identified divestment activities undertaken by the Minister of Energy from requiring an approval under the EAA.

As part of the Advisory Council on Government Assets' development of its April 16, 2015 report Striking the Right Balance: Improving Performance and Unlocking Value in the Electricity Sector in Ontario, considerat
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Environmental Approvals Access and Service Integration Branch
135 St. Clair Avenue West
Floor 1
Toronto Ontario
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August 31, 2015