Regulation - Minister

Amending section 2(1) of Mining Act Regulation 263/02 (Exploration licences, production and storage leases for oil and gas in Ontario)

Regulation Number(s):
Ontario Regulation 263/02
Instrument Type:
Regulation - Minister
Bill or Act:
Mining Act
Summary of Decision:
A decision was made to proceed with the proposal, with minor changes to clarify the ministry's process for handling exploration licence applications. The proposal was implemented by an amendment to regulation O.Reg. 263/02. The amending regulation, O.Reg 301/16 was filed by the Registrar of Regulations on August 30, 2016 and will be published in the Ontario Gazette on September 17, 2016.
Further Information:
Proposal Number:
Posting Date:
September 25, 2015
Summary of Proposal:
An amendment to Ontario Regulation 263/02 (Exploration Licences, Production and Storage Leases for Oil and Gas in Ontario) is proposed to bring the regulation into alignment with prior changes to Part IV of the Mining Act.
Contact Address:
Andrew MacDonald
Policy Adviser
Ministry of Natural Resources
Policy Division
Natural Resources Conservation Policy Branch
Resource Development Section
300 Water Street
Peterborough Ontario
K9J 8M5
Phone: (705) 755-1222
Fax: (705) 755-1971
Effective Date:
August 30, 2016