Regulation - LGIC

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting Regulation and Guideline

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Regulation - LGIC
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Environmental Protection Act
Summary of Proposal:
Ontario is actively pursuing the development of a cap and trade program that aligns with other programs developing in North America, including the WCI and U.S. cap and trade systems. A reporting regulation will provide the foundation for Ontario to implement a cap and trade program to help achieve its climate change goals.

Reporting of GHG emissions is essential for the design and implementation of a cap and trade program. Accurate data is necessary to ensure the credibility of emissions trading transactions and the ability of Ontario facilities to trade with facilities in other jurisdictions.

The proposed Ontario reporting approach provides for flexibility and lead time:

- To allow time for government to put in place new reporting requirements, and address technical issues that may arise before the start of a cap and trade program;
- For affected entities to develop the internal programs to comply with the standardized emissions quantification methods and other requirements; and
- To build and develop GHG reporting and third party verification capacity, to support verification in accordance with ISO requirements.

The regulation proposes the following requirements:

- Reporting for all regulated sources that are emitting 25,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) or more per year;
- Reporting of 2010 emissions in the year 2011, and reporting annually thereafter;
- Flexibility to use the best alternative quantification methods for 2010 emissions, to be reported in 2011;
- Use of standardized methods to quantify emissions starting for the reporting of 2011 emissions in 2012;
Third party verification for the 2011 emissions, to be verified in 2012 and every year thereafter;
- Emission reports to be submitted on June 1 of each year starting in 2011; and
- Verification to be completed by September 1 of each year, starting in 2012.

The regulation is accompanied by a guideline that outlines standardized mandatory methods to be used to quantify emissions and includes the best alternative quantification methods that may be used during the first year of reporting.

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October 9, 2009
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November 6, 2009