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Monitors for Non-Governmental Regulatory Authorities under the Ontario Labour Mobility Act, 2009

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Regulation - LGIC
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Ontario Labour Mobility Act, 2009
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Chapter 7 of the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) imposes obligations on Ontario to ensure that an individual certified in an occupation by a regulatory authority in another province or territory is, subject to certain limited exceptions, entitled to be certified in the same occupation in Ontario without any requirement to complete any additional material training, experience, examinations or assessments. The Ontario Labour Mobility Act, 2009 (OLMA) implements Ontario's labour mobility commitments under the AIT.

OLMA provides for the designation of monitors for each regulatory authority. The monitors are ministers of the Ontario government authorized to undertake enforcement activities under OLMA. O. Reg. 505/10 names the ministers who are monitors for non-governmental regulatory authorities established by private acts. This regulation amends O.Reg. 505/10 to designate monitors for two additional regulatory authorities. The regulation also removes a redundant monitor designation and makes updates to reflect ministry names changes.
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Inter-Jurisdictional Relations Unit
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April 5, 2017