PNERP Master Plan Update

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The PNERP is mandated by section 8 of the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act which requires a provincial emergency plan for emergencies arising in connection with nuclear facilities. MCSCS works with stakeholders at the federal, provincial, municipal and nuclear generating station levels to plan for a nuclear emergency through the PNERP.

The PNERP Master Plan sets out the overall principles, policies, basic concepts, organizational structures and responsibilities, functions, and inter-relationships that govern nuclear emergency management in Ontario. The Ontario government is responsible for planning and leading the response to off-site effects of a nuclear emergency by supporting and coordinating the efforts of organizations with nuclear emergency responsibilities (e.g., provincial ministries, municipalities, nuclear generating stations, federal agencies, etc.). The federal government licenses nuclear generating station operators who are responsible for on-site effects and response to a nuclear emergency.

The full text of the current PNERP Master Plan is available on the ministry's website:
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May 15, 2017
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July 28, 2017