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Minister's regulations proposed under the Condominium Management Services Act, 2015

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Regulation - Minister
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Condominium Management Services Act, 2015
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The Protecting Condominium Owners Act, 2015 (PCOA) received Royal Assent on December 3, 2015, marking the first overhaul of the province's condominium law in over 16 years. The PCOA made substantial amendments to the Condominium Act, 1998 (Condominium Act). It also enacted the Condominium Management Services Act, 2015 (CMSA), which regulates and provides for the licensing of condominium managers and condominium management providers in Ontario. Implementation of the PCOA is taking place in phases.

The Ministry of Government and Consumer Services previously filed Ontario Regulation 123/17 under the CMSA to prescribe licence application and other regulatory requirements for condominium managers and condominium management providers in Ontario. Licensing will take effect on November 1, 2017.

These proposed Minister's regulations will further support implementation of the CMSA by prescribing requirements in the following areas (and are targeted to come into force on February 1, 2018):

1. Complaints, Insurance and Other Requirements
Identifies further obligations for licensees under the CMSA (i.e., condominium managers and condominium management providers):

• Procedures relating to complaints
• Insurance requirements
• Disclosures required by licensees
• Duties in relation to client records
• Duties in relation to supervision of licensees

2. Code of Ethics and Discipline and Appeals Committees
Specifies various ethical obligations for licensees. Also identifies the composition, appointment and procedures of the discipline committee and appeals committee which will be established to hear and determine if a licensee has failed to comply with the code of ethics.

The ministry welcomes feedback and encourages anyone interested to provide comments on the proposal by e-mail or mail. To view the proposed regulations as well as a plain-language summary of the proposals, please click the links under "Further Information".

The ministry will continue to work on the development of future phases of regulations to support the implementation of amendments to the Condominium Act and the enactment of the CMSA. The Province will continue to consult with members of the public and stakeholders during the development of regulations and implementation of this important legislation.
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August 30, 2017
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October 16, 2017
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56 Wellesley St. W., 6th Floor, Toronto ON, M7A 1C1