Amendments to Extend the Date for the Renewal of Licences Under Ontario's Financial Protection Programs

Regulation Number(s):
Regulation 725
O. Reg. 260/97
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Bill or Act:
Livestock and Livestock Products Act, Grains Act
Summary of Decision:
Amendments to Regulation 725 (Livestock) under the Livestock and Livestock Products Act and Ontario Regulation 260/97 (General) under the Grains Act to extend the expiry date of beef cattle and grain dealer and grain elevator operator licences for 90 days after the COVID-19 Emergency Order is lifted.

• Under the Financial Protection Programs, grain (corn, soybean, wheat and canola) and beef cattle buyers/dealers and grain elevator operators are required to be licensed annually. Under both programs, licences are renewed on a yearly basis, based on when the person obtained their licence the last time. This is typically six (6) months after the licencee's year end. Beef cattle dealers, grain dealers and elevator operators are also required to submit their licence application 30 or 60 days before the licence expires.
• If a person does not have a licence, he/she cannot purchase beef cattle or grains, nor can they store grain. If someone sells these commodities to, or stores grain with, someone who is not licensed, that person may not be eligible to receive compensation from the Funds (established under the Farm Products Payments Act to pay produces in the event of non-payment by a licensed dealer) in the event that person is not paid or the grain elevator operator does not return the grain to the owner upon demand.
• COVID-19 could pose a challenge to dealers/elevator operators being able to provide the information required to renew their licence.

The amendments provide dealers/elevator operators with more time to renew their licence and pay the licence fee. The amendments would also ensure that no one currently licenced under the programs is prejudiced because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Regulations were filed with the Registrar of Regulations and are now in effect.
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Name: Shain Cameron
Branch: Farm Finance
Address:1 Stone Road W. Guelph, ON N1G 4Y2
Phone: 226-979-5617
Royal Assent Date:
May 14, 2020