Regulation - LGIC

Proposed amendments to the Building Code (O. Reg. 350/06) respecting on-site sewage maintenance inspection programs

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Regulation - LGIC
Bill or Act:
Building Code Act, 1992
Summary of Decision:
The amending regulation to the Building Code, O. Reg. 315/10, was filed on August 12, 2010. The amending regulation is available on e-Laws, Ontario's online database of statutes and regulations. See The Building Code is a regulation under the Building Code Act, 1992 (BCA).

Description of Regulation:

The Building Code (O. Reg 350/06) has been amended by O. Reg. 315/10 to establish and govern mandatory on-site sewage system maintenance inspection programs, to be administered by principal authorities (i.e., municipalities, health units and/or conservation authorities) in certain areas. The amendments also govern discretionary on-site sewage system maintenance inspection programs established by principal authorities.

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Date of Effect:

The regulation largely came into force on January 1, 2011. The balance of the regulation (concerning mandatory maintenance inspection programs in certain areas around the Lake Simcoe shoreline and in other parts of the Lake Simcoe watershed) comes into force on January 1, 2016.

Purpose of Regulation:

These amendments help protect Ontario's drinking water and the natural environment, and support the implementation of the Clean Water Act, 2006 (CWA) and the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan.
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April 13, 2010
Summary of Proposal:
The proposed regulation would amend the Building Code to establish requirements for mandatory and discretionary on-site sewage system maintenance inspections programs. The Building Code (O. Reg. 350/06) is a regulation under the Building Code Act, 1992 (BCA).
Contact Address:
Elisheva Bouskila
Policy Advisor
Building and Development Branch
Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
2nd Floor, 777 Bay Street
Toronto ON M5G 2E5
Effective Date:
January 1, 2011