Order to declare that the Environmental Assessment Act (EAA) does not apply to the planning and construction the Port of Prescott Expansion, Rehabilitation and Future Development Area.

Regulation Number(s):
O.C. 1426/2010
Instrument Type:
Bill or Act:
Environmental Assessment Act
Summary of Decision:
A decision was made to grant a Declaration Order under the Environmental Assessment Act (EAA) to give the Township of Edwardsburgh/Cardinal the authority to proceed with the planning, construction and operation of the Port of Prescott Expansion, Rehabilitation and Future Development Area.

The Declaration Order was approved by the Lieutenant Governor in Council on October 20, 2010 on recommendation from the Minister of the Environment.
Further Information:
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Posting Date:
June 2, 2010
Summary of Proposal:
The Port of Prescott (Port) is located on the St. Lawrence River, 100 kilometres south of the City of Ottawa, in the Township of Edwardsburgh/Cardinal (Township). The Port was originally built in 1929, and currently occupies 35 hectares (ha) of land, with 17 ha used for the commercial Port, and road salt and grain storage activities.

The Port’s main wharf, the Harbour Front Dock, has suffered a number of structural failures in recent years. A 2009 engineering report undertaken by the Township indicates that the current infrastructure is in danger of imminent and complete failure. The proposal includes plans to move salt storage operations away from the failing main wharf, towards the proposed new wharf, reducing the risk of salt entering the St. Lawrence Seaway.

In addition to this environmental impact, the closure of the Port will result in a major economic impact in terms of the provision of road salt within the provinces of Ontario and Quebec and the grain storage facilities for the eastern Ontario agricultural community.

The Township has been approved to receive funding from both the federal and provincial government through the Building Canada Fund, for its proposed Port of Prescott Expansion, Rehabilitation and Future Development Area (Project). The Project must commence this year so that it can be completed by the March 31, 2016 deadline, required under the funding program.

The proposed undertaking for which the Township is requesting a Declaration Order includes the following three stages.

Stage one will encompass the majority of the Project and involves the construction of a new wharf which will become the Port’s principle marine terminal. A dredging and berm construction plan has been prepared by the Township to help facilitate this stage. The new wharf will be 500 metres long, giving the Port the capability of accommodating two full size lake vessels simultaneously. The new terminal will have 7.5 hectares of needed cargo handling space which will be constructed as part of the new wharf.

Stage two involves the existing face of the wharf which is under distress and is exhibiting structural failure. The existing wall will be repaired, a new sheet pile wall or additional stone will be placed along the existing face to create a more structurally sound wharf.

Stage three is comprised of a land based expansion of approximately 2.5 hectares. This land based area is west of the proposed wharf and will be developed for the purposes of bulk material storage which will be necessary to accommodate the projected expansion of the Port material handling services.
Contact Address:
Andrea Berenkey
Project Officer
Ministry of the Environment
Operations Division
Environmental Assessment and Approvals Branch
2 St. Clair Avenue West
Floor 12A
Toronto Ontario
M4V 1L5
Phone: (416) 314-1181
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Royal Assent Date:
October 20, 2010