Guideline to address odour mixtures in Ontario

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Ontario is protecting the health of communities and our environment by taking a proactive, preventative approach to managing odour emissions.

We are proposing guidance on how industrial facilities, development proponents and other members of the regulated community can anticipate, prevent, and address odour issues that could be of concern to local residents.

The guidance would help ensure there is:

• less regulatory uncertainty for facilities
• better coordination with land planning decisions
• more effective remediation of issues caused by odour mixtures
Analysis of Regulatory Impact:
We are proposing a new Guideline to Address Odour Mixtures in Ontario (odour guideline) for high risk facilities. The new guidance will help facilities, municipalities and other land use planning authorities avoid or minimize and mitigate potential adverse effects due to odour. The odour guidance and tools will support and link to the separate Land Use Compatibility Guideline (LUCG) proposal to replace several existing D-Series Guidelines by outlining an approach to assess odours as part of the land use planning stage, and if required, a process to minimize and mitigate odours.
The proposed odour guideline provides a clear, consistent and flexible set of technical requirements and tools for the ministry, planning authorities and regulated facilities. These resources will help:

• Focus on preventing odour impacts rather than simply reacting to them;
• Support industry investment in best practices/management technologies, resulting in cost savings down the line;
• Speed up remediation efforts; and
• Reduce regulatory uncertainty for any facility with potential odour issues and clarify requirements related to Environmental Compliance Approvals (ECAs).

The odour guideline is intended to be read with the separate LUCG proposal for an awareness of what to include as part of compatibility studies related to odour. Together with the LUCG, the requirements outlined in this odour guideline will inform the ministry, planning authorities, proponents and/or owners and operators of sensitive land uses and major facilities on how to prevent potential adverse effects resulting from odour and ensure odour is assessed and addressed at the land use planning stage or ECA application stage.
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May 4, 2021
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July 3, 2021