Lakeshore Capacity Assessment Handbook: Protecting Water Quality in Inland Lakes

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The Ministries of the Environment, Natural Resources and Municipal Affairs and Housing have
considered the public comments received, and have prepared a revised version of the Lakeshore
Capacity Handbook: Protecting Water Quality in Inland Lakes on Ontario’s Precambrian Shield
(herein referred to as “the Handbook”).
The Handbook is being released as a guidance document providing tools that will help municipalities
and others responsible for the management of development on inland lakes to meet their obligations
under the Provincial Policy Statement (2005) to protect water quality and to evaluate the impacts of
development on the local environment. The Handbook is one of several technical documents
produced by the Ontario government in support of the Provincial Policy Statement (2005).
The Handbook provides site-specific guidance for managing total phosphorus in Precambrian Shield
lakes in Ontario, including a modification of the interim Provincial Water Quality Objective.
The revised Handbook will be available on the Ministry of the Environment website.
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July 8, 2010
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July 8, 2010