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A Permanent Framework for Target Benefits

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R.R.O. 1990, Regulation 909 (General)
New target benefit regulation to be named
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Regulation - LGIC
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Update: July 12, 2023

Since March 2023 the government has been engaging stakeholders on the proposed regulatory framework for target benefits. The government appreciates the level of engagement and consultation with the sector, and the time and expertise stakeholders have shared on these proposals.

During the consultation the government has received over thirty submissions, heard from numerous experts in the pension administration, actuarial, and legal professions.

The government appreciates the comments and feedback it has received and is reviewing and considering the proposals and feedback received to date.

To respond to stakeholder feedback, the government will issue a second consultation paper outlining a set of revised proposals. When this paper is published, stakeholders will have a second consultation period in order to consider and respond to the proposals.

The second consultation paper will be posted on the Ontario Regulatory Registry website, and the Ministry of Finance will send direct communication to stakeholders informing them of the release of the paper and the process to provide feedback.

For any questions or to request updates on the consultation, please email


The Ministry of Finance has launched its consultations on proposed regulations necessary for implementing a permanent target benefit framework in Ontario. This permanent framework would replace the temporary funding regulations currently in place for Specified Ontario Multi-Employer Pension Plans (SOMEPPs), which expire beginning in 2024.

The objective of the proposed permanent framework for target benefit pension plans is to strengthen governance, improve transparency and support long-term plan sustainability for plan members and employers through written policies, disclosures and funding requirements.

A comprehensive framework would reflect best practices from the pension sector and include regulations for critical elements such as plan governance, member communication and funding requirements. The proposed permanent framework is designed to enable plans to build funding and governance practices around regulatory requirements, to increase transparency by requiring plain language disclosure so that members understand the reducible nature of their target benefit, and to improve equity through prudent investment so that lower than expected returns are not borne exclusively by future members.

A set of transitional measures would also be implemented to assist plans in converting to target benefits.

Regulations for consultation will be posted to this website in stages.

Additional Information:

In 2007, temporary regulations, including an exemption from solvency funding, were introduced for Multi-Employer Pension Plans (MEPPs) that could already reduce benefits and were interested in offering target benefits. Known as Specified Ontario Multi-Employer Pension Plans (SOMEPPs), these plans have operated under the temporary regulations while the remaining elements of a permanent TB framework were being developed. Over 50 MEPPs elected to become SOMEPPs.

The solvency funding exemption and temporary regulations for SOMEPPs were intended to be in place only until a permanent and comprehensive legislative and regulatory framework was developed for these MEPPs to ensure that they were well-funded and well-governed.

Legislative provisions were introduced in the Pension
Analysis of Regulatory Impact:
The proposed framework would establish the target benefit pension plan model as a permanent part of Ontario's pension landscape by implementing a comprehensive legislative and regulatory framework. Target benefit pension plans would offer members a monthly income stream in retirement at a predictable cost for employers.

For plans that wish to undergo the conversion process, there would be initial costs associated with developing written governance and funding policies and filing with the Chief Executive Officer of the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA).
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March 15, 2023
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June 30, 2023
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A Permanent Framework for Target Benefits
Pension Policy Branch
Ministry of Finance
5th Floor, Frost Building South
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Closed for comment