Regulation - LGIC

Revisions to the Forest Manuals regulated under the Crown Forest Sustainability Act

Regulation Number(s):
Ontario Regulation 167/95
Instrument Type:
Regulation - LGIC
Bill or Act:
Crown Forest Sustainability Act
Summary of Decision:
We have decided to proceed with the proposal as described, which will align with the Forest Sector Strategy and reduce burden for the forest industry while continuing to provide for the sustainability of Ontario's Crown forests.
Analysis of Regulatory Impact:
This modernization and streamlining opportunities identified provide benefit to Indigenous communities, forest industry, government, and stakeholders. The modernization and streamlining opportunities identified:

• Reduce burden for forest industry
• Provide greater certainty for forest industry and communities
• Enable better responsiveness to forest industry needs
• Use modern technology to provide better access to information (e.g., social media) creating further efficiencies; and
• Maximize investments made by forest industry
Further Information:
Proposal Number:
Posting Date:
June 12, 2023
Summary of Proposal:
To modernize and streamline the Forest Manuals consistent with government priorities (i.e., enable a competitive forest sector), and other policy drivers (e.g., Digital First Strategy) the objectives for this project are to:

• Modernize the forest management planning process to provide for higher quality plans that enable better alignment with other policy (e.g., forest management guides), better integration of new science and technology, and provide a more accurate representation of the forest and planned forest operations.
• Reduce burden for forest industry through streamlining of process requirements (e.g., roads, wood measurement processes, scaler licence renewal).
• Use a digital lens and modern tools when developing FMP products to improve usability and accessibility of information, reduce duplication, improve the standardization of information.
• Support forest management initiatives within Far North communities by providing a process to prepare small-scale community-based FMPs.
• Identify updates and enhancements to the policy requirements to improve clarity for forest practitioners, and to ensure alignment with other policy mechanisms.

To revise Ontario Regulation 167/95 under the Crown Forest Sustainability Act to enable a regular review cycle of the forest manuals. MNRF would ensure that the forest manuals are reviewed at least once every ten years to ensure any relevant changes to legislation and policies, science and technology, and implementation experience are considered for future versions of the forest manuals. This regular review cycle would continue to support the ministry's approach to adaptive management.
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Effective Date:
July 1, 2024