Amendments to the Municipal Engineers Association Municipal Class Environmental Assessment

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Environmental Assessment Act
Summary of Proposal:
The MEA submitted amendments to its MEA Class EA, which comprise three main components:

Enhancement and clarification to the Integration Provisions for improved efficiencies and ease of use;
Revised project schedule definitions; and
Other housekeeping amendments.

Integration Provisions

By integrating EA and land use planning requirements into a coordinated process, proponents of municipal projects can streamline their efforts and more effectively meet legislative requirements. The integration provisions have been enhanced and clarified to ensure that the provisions are understandable and can be used effectively by project proponents.

Schedule Definitions

Modifications to the project Schedule definitions were developed in consultation with project proponents and ongoing process monitoring by MOE and the MEA. The key changes include:

Modifications for 40 year old structures
Local projects redefined as Schedule A projects
Minor projects with follow up approvals redefined as Schedule A+ projects

Consultation, in the form of workshops and survey questionnaires was used to gather feedback on the proposed changes from proponents using the MEA Class EA.

Consultation and monitoring also identified the need for minor amendments to some definitions.
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January 12, 2011
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February 25, 2011