Ontario Source Testing Code (version #3)

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Environmental Protection Act
Summary of Proposal:
The Ontario Source Testing Code (Code) provides a set of methods and procedures for the measurement of emissions of air contaminants from stationary sources when such emissions are required for determining compliance with the Environmental Protection Act and the Regulations thereunder.

The current version (version #2) of this document was published in November 1980. A new Regulation (O.Reg.419/05) and the advances in the field of source testing have prompted the revision of this Code.

Key revisions proposed to the Code:

● Include information on source testing conducted in accordance with O. Reg.419/05 for compliance testing purposes; and
● Include two methods namely “Method ON-6 – Determination of Odour Emissions from Stationary Sources” and “Method ON-7 - Determination of Particulate Matter Size Distribution from Stationary Sources” to provide guidance for source testing procedures.
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February 14, 2011
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March 31, 2011