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Energy Conservation Plans for Public Agencies: Proposed Regulation

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New Regulation
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Regulation - LGIC
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Green Energy Act, 2009
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Energy Conservation Reporting Requirements

As part of their energy conservation plans prescribed public agencies would be required to collect and submit annual energy consumption and building characteristic information as outlined in the proposed template (see links in Additional Information). Public agencies would use the template to provide the required energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission information.

Conservation Plans

In addition to collecting energy consumption and GHG emission data as described in the proposed Energy Consumption and GHG Emission Template, prescribed public agencies would be responsible for developing and implementing three year energy conservation plans for designated facilities. Plans would include a high level description of how the organization would conserve energy and reduce demand over the life of the plan and a forecast of the expected results. Subsequent plans would also include information on progress and achievements in energy conservation since the previous plan.

Plans may include energy conservation activities such as identifying an energy conservation leader/team, energy audits, building recommissioning, commissioning, improved maintenance, lighting, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) retrofits, and employee awareness programs. In addition plans may include communications and behavioural awareness that are developed to implement and promote a culture of conservation. Demand management methods include shifting high demand energy use to off-peak hours as defined by the Ontario Energy Board.

Prescribed public agencies may set and are encouraged to report on energy conservation and demand reduction targets for all or some of their facilities.

Prescribed agencies would be required to update their Energy Consumption and GHG Emission Template on an annual basis to demonstrate the impact of the organization?s energy conservation plan. Organizations implementing demand management methods would be required to report on the demand management results on an annual basis. Updates would include information on why these factors have increased or decreased and what measures the organization plans to undertake to address increases.

In addition, agencies would be required to provide a description of the renewable energy projects undertaken by the organization and the energy produced by those installations (e.g., a10 kW solar photo voltaic system producing 16,600 kWh/year).

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May 18, 2011
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July 1, 2011