Regulation - LGIC

Amendment of Ontario Regulation 665/98 (Hunting) made under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act to allow the use of leashed dogs to track and retrieve wounded big game animals in areas where hunting with dogs in not permitted

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Regulation - LGIC
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Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act
Summary of Decision:
A decision was made to proceed with the proposal. The proposal was implemented by an amendment to O. Reg. 665/98 (Hunting) by O. Reg. 171/13. This regulation was filed by the Registrar of Regulations on May 31, 2013 and was published in the Ontario Gazette on June 15, 2013.
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March 12, 2012
Summary of Proposal:
Currently, dogs may only be used for hunting big game during certain seasons as regulated under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act. In hunting seasons where the use of dogs is not permitted, the use of dogs for tracking of lawfully wounded big game for the purposes of retrieval is also prohibited.

The current proposal would allow for the use of leashed dogs to search for lawfully wounded big game (e.g. deer, moose, elk, and bear) where the use of dogs for hunting is currently not permitted. The use of leashed dogs in these seasons would increase the likelihood of retrieving big game.

Under the proposal, individuals wishing to use a leashed dog to track and recover a lawfully wounded big game animal would be required to obtain a Licence to Hunt with a Dog which can be purchased from the Ministry of Natural Resources, ServiceOntario and outside licence issuers. The use of dogs would only be permitted during the open season for the big game species being tracked, and only with a dog that is on a maximum 10-metre leash under the physical control of the handler. Individuals must follow all other hunting regulations (e.g. hunter orange requirements, restrictions on night hunting, firearms restrictions) while searching for lawfully wounded big game using a leashed dog.
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May 31, 2013