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Revocation and Replacement of the Ground Source Heat Pumps Regulation (O. Reg. 177/98) under the Environmental Protection Act with a New Regulation and Consequential Amendments to O. Reg. 524/98 and O. Reg. 245/11.

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O. Reg. 98/12 (Ground Source Heat Pumps)
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Regulation - Other
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The government has revoked and replaced O. Reg. 177/98 (Ground Source Heat Pumps) made under the Environmental Protection Act with a new regulation to require anyone constructing new or altering, replacing or extending existing vertical closed loop geothermal systems that extend or will extend more than 5 metres below the level of the original ground surface to obtain an Environmental Compliance Approval from the Ministry.

The Ministry also made consequential amendments to two regulations under the Environmental Protection Act to update references to the new Ground Source Heat Pumps regulation.

The requirement would be in place until such a time as the Ministry and partner ministries, in consultation with stakeholders, develop appropriate longer-term regulations to ensure the protection of public health and safety and the environment of both closed and open loop geothermal systems. Any future regulation would be posted for public consultation.

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Amy Pogue
Ministry of the Environment
416-314-7138 (dial #3)

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May 18, 2012