Regulation - LGIC

Service Provider Licensing - Proposed Amendment to O. Reg. 89/14 (Service Providers - Listed Expenses)

Regulation Number(s):
Ontario Regulation 89/14 (Service Providers – Listed Expenses)
Instrument Type:
Regulation - LGIC
Bill or Act:
Insurance Act
Summary of Decision:
The amendment to Ontario Regulation 89/14 (Service Providers - Listed Expenses) has been approved.
Further Information:
Proposal Number:
Posting Date:
September 30, 2014
Summary of Proposal:
Licensed service providers will not be able to invoice claimants directly - they will receive direct payment from insurers. The proposed amendment will allow licensed service providers to seek payment for outstanding accounts directly from claimants in prescribed situations (where a full and final settlement has been reached and signed between the insurer and the insured person that includes these amounts).
Contact Address:
Senior Manager
Insurance Policy Unit
Financial Institutions Policy Branch
Ministry of Finance
95 Grosvenor Street
Frost Building North, 4th Floor
Toronto, ON
M7A 1Z1
Effective Date:
December 1, 2014