Regulation - LGIC

Proposed Rewards Point amendments to the General regulation under the Consumer Protection Act, 2002

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Regulation - LGIC
Bill or Act:
Consumer Protection Act, 2002
Summary of Decision:
The regulation was filed with the Registrar of Regulations October 20, 2017.
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March 10, 2017
Summary of Proposal:
The Consumer Protection Act, 2002 (CPA) has been amended by Bill 47, the Protecting Rewards Points Act (Consumer Protection Amendment), 2016, to prohibit the expiry of rewards points due to the passage of time alone.

Amendments are proposed to the General regulation under the CPA to assist in implementing this expiry prohibition.

When the amendments to the CPA come into force, they will govern a wide variety of rewards point plans including:

• retailer-specific rewards programs
• multi-retailer programs
• rewards programs associated with credit cards.

This consultation invites views on proposed regulatory amendments that would:

• Define what are considered to be rewards points;
• Clarify what is time alone expiry;
• Prevent suppliers from using contract termination and renewal simply as a disguised means to expire points; and
• Address issues that may arise in transition to the new rules.

Comments are also welcome on how long a transition period businesses would need to implement proposed new rules.

The consultation paper linked below explains the proposed regulation amendments and invites comments.

You may provide comments directly via the email link below or to the address set out in the consultation proposal.
Contact Address:
Rewards Points Consultation
Ministry of Government and Consumer Services
Policy, Planning and Oversight Division
56 Wellesley Street West, 6th Floor
Toronto, ON M7A 1C1
Effective Date:
January 1, 2018