Regulation - Minister

Amendment to R.R.O. 1990, Regulation 428 (Seed Corn - Plan) under the Farm Products Marketing Act.

Regulation Number(s):
R.R.O. 1990, Reg. 428 SEED CORN - PLAN
Instrument Type:
Regulation - Minister
Bill or Act:
Farm Products Marketing Act
Summary of Decision:
The Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission amended R.R.O. 1990, Regulation 428 (Seed Corn - Plan), under the Farm Products Marketing Act. These amendments include the amalgamation of Districts 1 and 2, an increase in the board member term of office from two to three years and the introduction of a consecutive term limit of four terms followed by one year of ineligibility for board election.

The Regulation was filed with the Registrar of Regulations and is now in effect.
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Posting Date:
December 19, 2017
Summary of Proposal:
The Ontario Farm Products Marketing Commission (Commission) is proposing to make amendments to Regulation 428 (Seed Corn - Plan) related to the composition and election of the local board, the Seed Corn Growers of Ontario (SCGO).

Under Regulation 428, producers of seed-corn are divided into three districts. District 1 is comprised of the County of Essex, District 2 is comprised of the County of Kent, and District 3 is comprised of the rest of Ontario. Five board members are allocated to District 2, while one member each is allocated to District 1 and District 3. SCGO reported that the number of registered producers in District 1 had been on steady decline and reached the point a few years ago where no seed corn is being produced in the District. The SCGO also reported that it does not anticipate seed corn being grown in District 1 in the foreseeable future. There are currently about 350 growers registered with SCGO, 335 of which are in District 2 and the rest are in District 3.

The absence of seed corn production and registered producers in District 1 has resulted in no eligible producers to vote or be elected to the SCGO from District 1, creating a vacancy. This vacancy is currently being filled, pursuant to section 8.1 of Regulation 428, by electing a producer from District 2 or District 3. The request to amalgamate Districts 1 and 2 would update board composition to reflect the current distribution of seed corn growers and streamline the election process. The area that the new district is comprised of will be updated to correspond with the geographic areas set out in Ontario Regulation 180/03 (Division of Ontario into Geographic Areas) under the Territorial Division Act, 2002.

Regulation 428 also specifies that members of the local board shall have a term of office of two years. The Regulation currently does not prescribe a limit on the number of consecutive terms a producer can be elected to the board. In an effort to encourage board renewal while maintaining stability and continuity, SCGO has requested that the term of office for board members be changed from two years to three years and that a consecutive term limit of four terms followed by a mandatory one year period of ineligibility for board election be introduced.

The Commission has authority to make regulations amending plans under the Farm Products Marketing Act subject to approval by the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.
Contact Address:
James Corpuz
Farm Products Marketing Commission
1 Stone Rd W, Guelph, N1G 4Y2
519 826-3397
Effective Date:
November 29, 2018